Joe Whiteman, director of safety services The Voice Newsletter July 2022 At ASCC safety is not just a word we toss around, but a value. Values are fundamental beliefs that guide all aspects of perspectives, choices, and behaviors. One example is that at every meeting safety is part of the discussion. For those who have sat in on a board or committee meeting, you are aware that every meeting be...

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Jim Klinger concrete construction specialist The Voice Newsletter July 2022 Full disclosure: Quite a lot of ASCC Hotline calls include requests for technical/educational backup members need to submit to general contractors, inspectors, structural engineers, or even Owners. In order to be effective, such backup should be limited to a few pages, similar to our ASCC Position Statements. In many c...

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July 11 – ASCC has published its forty-sixth Position Statement, “Water-Cementitious Material Ratio for Concrete to Receive a Trowel Finish.” ASCC Position Statements clarify the concrete contractors’ point of view for architects, engineers, owners, and others.

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June 23 – ASCC has published its forty-fifth Position Statement, “Managing Concrete Projects: Concrete/Steel Price and Delivery Volatility Risks.”  

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ASCCSAFE - Spring 2022

Posted on May 18, 2022 in: Safety

Beware the Heat

Posted on May 15, 2022 in: Safety

Joe Whiteman, director of safety services The Voice Newsletter May 2022 Summer is approaching, be prepared for the heat! As we enter the summer months some areas of the country are already experiencing elevated temperatures. Heat exhaustion and heat stroke can both be avoided through proper training and planning. Ensure that water, rest, and shade are readily on hand and know the symptoms o...

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Jim Klinger, concrete construction specialist The Voice Newsletter May 2022 1. Hotline question: "The Owner has asked us to pick up some post-award retrofit scope and attach the base contract concrete structure to an adjacent building. This added scope includes epoxying reinforcing bars drilled overhead into the soffit of an existing concrete roof beam. We have been told there are special...

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New Safety Bulletins

Posted on April 27, 2022 in: Press Release, Safety

April 26 - The Safety and Risk Management Council has published two new Safety Bulletins: Emergency Rescue Baskets and Concrete Burns.

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Jason T.K. Anglin, Christman Constructors, SRMC board director The Voice Newsletter April 2022 Falls continue to be the leading cause for construction fatalities. Based on the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) for 2020, 351 out of the 1,008 fatalities reported in construction were caused by falls. These deaths could have been avoided if the correct training, planning and resources had been in pl...

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Joe Whiteman, director of safety services The Voice Newsletter April 2022 Originally started in 2014 when a group of construction firms from the Construction Industry Safety Initiative (CISI), and the Incident and Injury Free Forum (IIF) got together to create an opportunity to influence and celebrate safety. As the years passed, recognition and participation have grown, and “Safety Week&...

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