Strategic Plan

Mission Statement
Advancing Decorative Concrete Contractors Through Education and Networking

Vision Statement
Decorative Concrete Council contractors are the contractors of choice.

Goals and Strategies

Goal #1 50% of DCC members have a Member Matrix number of 15+ no later than 1/1/2021

  • Continually reinform members of resources/benefits

  • Increase CEU opportunities

  • Directly address members having 10-14 matrix points

  • Create a DCC-specific member retention program

Goal #2 Set the standard for decorative concrete systems

  • Develop CSI/MasterSpec format specifications and promote to design community

  • Produce Position Statements on topics directly affecting decorative concrete contractors

Goal #3 Expand and strengthen use of technology to improve communication to and from members

  • Apps – Develop an app to include events, key technical documents, email forum Q&A, concrete calculator, and other appropriate information. Complete by Annual Conference 2020.

  • Overhaul the website to be more informational and user-friendly. Complete December 2020.

  • Continue to build and refine our social media presence.

Decorative Concrete Council Logo

The DCC is the only professional organization dedicated to focusing on the issues, trends and the work of the decorative concrete industry.

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