SRMC Strategic Plan

Goal 1:  Be an industry influencer by challenging and disrupting traditional safety models

Strategy 1: Address employee fatigue and mental health
Strategy 2: Create an employee wellness model for members to emulate
Strategy 3: Continue to promote contractor member transition from hardhats to helmets with the goal of 75% of members having made the change by 2023

Goal 2: Leverage diversity

Strategy 1: Bring the trades’ voice to the SRMC 
Strategy 2: Engage emerging leaders in the safety conversation
Strategy 3: Engage MIX Groups in the safety conversation
Strategy 4: Continue to partner with and influence concrete, cement and construction industry organizations re: safety awareness and innovation


Goal 3: Expand upon educational & development resources to make members the safest they can be

Strategy 1: Meet members where they’re at on their safety journey
Strategy 2: Expand the Safety Summit
Strategy 3: Engage owners, A/Es and GCs in the safety conversation
Strategy 4: Leverage technology to the advantage of members’ safety cultures and programs

Updated 12/2021

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