Concrete International Articles

Visual Inspection of Architectural Concrete Surface Appearance - June 2024

ACI-ASCC Survey on Portland-Limestone Cement Concrete - February 2024

Minimizing the Risk for Portland-Limestone Cement Concrete Slabs - January 2024

Smart Sustainable Concrete Construction - December 2023

Concrete Q&A: Operator Qualifications for Determining F-Numbers - September 2023

Concrete Q&A: Do Details in the Structural or Architectural Sheets Eliminate Tolerances? - March 2023

Concrete Q&A: Tolerances for Concrete Openings - January 2023

Reinforcement Congestion in Cast-in-Place Concrete - December 2022

Concrete Q&A: Greased Deformed Bars versus Smooth Dowels - October 2022

Presenting Laser Scan Results for Slabs-on-Ground - September 2022

Concrete Q&A: Can Testing Laboratories Have True Companions? - August 2022

Slab-on-Ground Thickness Measurement - July 2022

Concrete Q&A: Standing Water and Concrete Placement - June 2022

F-numbers and Textured Concrete Surface Finishes - May 2022

Concrete Q&A: Specifying Architectural Concrete - March 2022

Expect Compressive Strength Test Results Less Than Specified Strength on Every Project - February 2022

Concrete Q&A: Placement of Headed Shear Stud Reinforcement - January 2022

Compresive Strength Recommendations for Protecting Concrete from Multiple Freezing-and-Thawing Cycles - October 2021

Concrete Q&A: Accepting Substrate Prepared by Other Contractors - September 2021

Vapor Barriers Used with Capillary Breaks Reduce the Severity of Sulfate Exposure of Concrete - August 2021

Establishing Thickness Tolerances for Parking Lot Slabs - July 2021

Concrete Q&A: Coordinating Tolerances - June 2021

Concrete Q&A: Curing Decorative Concrete With Hydronic Heaters - March 2021

Concrete Q&A: Proof-Rolling of a Prepared Base - February 2021

Concrete Q&A: Compressive Strength of Cores and Specification Compliance - December 2020

ASCC 3-D Laser Scanning Study Part 2 - February 2020

Shotcrete Incorporated into ACI 318-19 Building Code - December 2019

ACI Reference Specifications - October 2019

ASCC 3-D Laser Scanning Study Part 1 - January 2019 

Constructability of Post-Tensioning Anchors in Shear Walls - December 2018

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