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Joelle McGehee, Alliance Safety Council, SRMC director, The VOICE Newsletter December 2023 Let’s be honest: the first few days on the job are challenging for everyone. So how can you help your new employees to start on a high note? Can you do this without spending every Monday of the year in a conference room, staring at safety orientation checklists? Like many learning processes, you ...

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Clark Branum, Decorative & Polished Concrete Specialist, The VOICE Newsletter December 2023 I hope everyone is getting ready for the Holiday season now that Thanksgiving is over, and Christmas is on the horizon. It seems like everywhere you go there is another reminder that Christmas day is soon approaching. For contractors, it means that employees will take time off to spend with their fam...

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Jim Klinger, Concrete Construction Specialist, The VOICE Newsletter December 2023 Full Disclosure: Perhaps one of the most unwelcome telephone calls a concrete construction project manager could ever get usually comes first thing the Monday morning following a Friday foundation concrete placement that required setting of large anchor rod assemblies for follow-on steel buildings. Such phone call...

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Mike Hernandez, Technical Director, The VOICE Newsletter, December 2023 ASCC just issued Alert! #2 on portland limestone cement (PLC) (members click here to view). In it, ASCC recommends two tests, one for bleed rate and one for initial set. Because reduced bleed is a common issue raised about PLC, this test was recommended, per ASTM C232. One response from experts regarding our recommendations...

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Ray Hefner, Executive Director, The VOICE Newsletter, December 2023 The days on the 2023 calendar are beginning to dwindle down, and we are all focused on the holidays, friends and family but, don’t forget 2024 is around the corner. 2024 is a clean slate for everyone, and we can put the successes and failures of 2023 in the rearview mirror (don’t look back)! It is time to start thin...

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What Keeps Me Up at Night

Posted on December 21, 2023 in: Newsletter

Chris Klemaske, President, The VOICE Newsletter, December 2023 I have discovered that 3:00 a.m. thoughts are something I have in common with most of my friends and colleagues so I have decided to share one of my reoccurring 3:00 a.m. thoughts that I finally googled, and it seemed like it would be appropriate for our newsletter. What is the difference between Gratitude and Grateful? Gratit...

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Hard Hats to Helmets

Posted on December 07, 2023 in: Safety

ASCCSAFE Fall 2023 Cassie Hilaski, VP of Safety and Health, Nibbi Brothers Concrete In September 2023, Nibbi started requiring all individuals on our jobsites (including subcontractors, vendors, clients, inspectors, and visitors) to make the switch from hard hats to safety helmets. But the journey started in 2018. As part of our constant pursuit to provide the best, most innovative safety e...

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What's Working ASCCSAFE Fall 2023 In the construction industry, the rise of opioid misuse presents a significant challenge for companies striving to maintain a safe and healthy work environment. As opioid overdoses become a pressing concern, construction businesses grapple with the need for effective prevention and response strategies. The nature of the industry, with its physically demandi...

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The Latest ASCCSAFE Fall 2023 As we get ready to usher in the new year, it is important for our group to stay up to speed with the latest regulatory changes impacting our industry. One such crucial update comes from the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), who revised the rule on submitting workplace injury and illness information is set to take effect on January 1, 2024. These...

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Director of Safety Services Message ASCCSAFE Fall 2023 November was a busy month and brought forth a lot of excitement as safety professionals, owners and executives gathered for the third annual Safety Summit, which surpassed all expectations! The anticipation leading up to the summit was everywhere, resonating through numerous emails, safety roundtables and direct calls from the ASSC team. If...

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