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Past Projects

LEEDS High School, Birmingham, AL - April 2023

Volunteers transformed a little used courtyard at Leeds High School, Leeds AL by coloring and sealing the old courtyard, adding trees, three sunshades and two fifteen-foot park benches, three ten-foot park benches and twelve surface mounted mall benches converting this rarely used open space into a place where students and staff can eat, study, or just enjoy the fresh air while relaxing on new park benches. The new courtyard features a sensory path, which is a series of guided movements for kids to follow, shown by markings on the ground or walls. It helps kids to work off excess energy and develop their gross motor skills. This is a great addition to the courtyard.

Life Remodeled, Detroit, MI - March 2021

The Durfee Innovation Society (DIS) exists to create substantial and impactful opportunities for Detroit children, families and single adults while advancing collaboration among eight major sectors (arts, business, education, faith-based, government, human services, media and philanthropy) in both the city and its surrounding suburbs. Led by project manager Paul Albanelli, the project involved applying a 4-color metallic epoxy coating to a concrete slab in the old pool (filled in) to look like water, and including special effects on steps and a ramp. The old pool area is in the Life Remodeled building, used for DIS activities and programs. This area will be used for youth activities, including as a practice room for the Detroit Youth Choir of America’s Got Talent fame.

Camp Prime Time - Summer 2019

Members of the DCC, MAC, and others, led by former ASCC president Mike Poppoff, Poppoff, Inc., traveled to Camp Prime Time in Washington State’s Wenatchee National Forest to replace an outdated, undersized fire pit and add seating. Camp Prime Time is a place for families of seriously ill and developmentally disabled children to experience the wilderness. A new, 6’x6’ , six-sided firepit was constructed, surrounded on all sides by bleacher-seating. Two access ramps provide easy entry. An existing basketball court was also rehabilitated.

Warner Unified School District, San Diego County, CA – Fall 2018

An installation at the Warner Unified School District was done in three phases over Fall 2018. The old concrete was demolished. Sedimentary seat walls, a stage with valley mosaic, concrete paths and other enhanced paving, a wall designed to simulate Hot Springs Mountain, boulders, tribal mosaics, a stencil of the school mascot and resurfaced athletic courts were installed by volunteers as part of the $250,000 landscape rehab. Nine donated trees were planted around the stage and two precast concrete corn hole games were part of the project.

Byron and Chris Klemaske, T.B. Penick & Sons, San Diego, led both the fund raising/donation portion of the project, as well as the construction management. “One of the most gratifying experiences was getting the students involved in the construction process,” said Byron. “It helped the professional crew and gave the kids ownership of the project.”

“Nothing really centralized the changes taking place at Warner Schools like the ASCC project,” said superintendent/principal David MacLeod. “When I was told that a local couple was interested in doing a concrete project, I was all in. This project has created a center focus on our high school campus. It repaired or removed some old eye sores and left a piece of art. This happened at the perfect time, our 80th anniversary, and at a time when it really solidified what Warner was going through, both physically and culturally.”

Northwest Healthcare Center, Berea, OH – Fall 2016

In mid-October, volunteers from the Decorative Concrete Council (DCC) and the Manufacturer’s Advisory Council (MAC), traveled to Berea, OH, to install a new patio for the veterans and other residents of Northwest Healthcare Center. 

Jeff Eiswerth, H&C Decorative Concrete Products, coordinated the installation which consisted of patching existing concrete, installing a spray texture concrete overlayment, detail color, and sealer application for a 2000 SF outdoor lounge. A flagpole, flag, new planters and patio furniture were donated by ASCC members. 

Pearl Harbor Naval Base, Oahu, HI – Summer 2017

Clark Branum, Diamatic, USA, was the project coordinator to replace a vinyl “sticker” of a map of the Pacific War 1941-1945, with a concrete version at the Pearl Harbor Visitors’ Center. This project was a partnership between ASCC and the Concrete Preservation Institute (CPI). The project consisted of removing the existing vinyl map and substrate, and replacing it with new, colored concrete. Stencils were used to mask the land masses and text prior to sandblasting the surface.

Assisting DCC and MAC volunteers and staff were soldiers stationed at Pearl Harbor, part of the CPI Field School. The CPI Field School at Pearl Harbor is a U.S. military career skills program that preserves landmark structures and monuments while training active duty military service members for transition into civilian management careers and skilled trade jobs.

Tamassee Elementary School, Seneca, SC – Spring 2016

Volunteers from the Decorative Concrete Council (DCC) and the Manufacturer’s Advisory Council (MAC), traveled to Seneca, SC to install a new playground for the youngsters at Tamassee Elementary School. 

Todd Scharich, ASCC decorative concrete specialist, was project manager.  The project consisted of a spray texture concrete overlayment and colored opaque sealers to create games and pathways throughout the 7,500 SF play area.  All manpower and materials were donated by DCC and MAC members.

Hopscotch, bean bag toss, mimic me and four square are some of the games they designed and installed on the playground.  “What was gray, cracked concrete was transformed in only four days into source of pride and joy for these kids,” said Scharich.

Ken Caryl Veterans Monument, Denver, CO – Spring 2015

Chris Sullivan was the project manager to place and finish a decorative concrete slab for the Ken Caryl Veterans Monument in southwest Denver. The monument commemorates veterans, as well as those on active duty and in the reserves, in all branches of the U.S. Armed Forces.

Sullivan worked with community leaders to plan a simple, yet beautiful representation of decorative concrete. Local ASCC and DCC members donated over $52,000 in time and materials.

Roseland Good News Day Care Center, Chicago, IL – Summer 2014

Volunteer members of the Decorative Concrete Council (DCC) traveled to Chicago, IL to install decorative concrete and graphic overlays at the Roseland Good News Day Care Center, 218 W. 113th St.

ASCC/DCC member Creative Construction by Design, Danville, IL, was the concrete contractor for a new building in Chicago that serves as a home with free day care for teenage mothers.  CCD enlisted help from fellow DCC members and others to give the children floors that would be safe and soothing, yet fun.  Volunteers prepped the floors and installed overlay coatings on top of the gray concrete.  Metallic epoxy colors were applied on top of overlays and “blown” with a leaf blower to provide a dramatic, layered finish.  Sea creature stencils were installed by Rachel Krigge Bruce and Rick Lobdell.

Ballard Western Kentucky Veterans Center, Hanson, KY – Spring 2013

The idea to convert an under-utilized outdoor space at the Ballard Center into a therapeutic garden came from Sandy Henderson, Greenville, SC, whose father was a resident at the home. “My father really enjoyed spending time in the outdoor space,” says Henderson. “However, many of the residents did not use the space because of the strong glare off the concrete paving.”

The answer was to stain the existing concrete a darker color. The final project included cleaning and staining approximately 5,000 SF of existing concrete, sawcutting and staining a compass rose emblem depicting military and patriotic icons, and sawcutting and staining a large checkerboard.

Volunteer members of DCC traveled to Hanson, KY to work on the hardscape of what became a therapeutic garden at the Veterans Center. Three students from the Concrete Industry Management (CIM) program at Middle Tennessee State University, Murfreesboro, TN, assisted on the project.

According to Dr. Steve Mitrione, M.D., MLA, St. Paul, MN, there is well-documented evidence that gardens can facilitate recovery from illness and improve the health of those who come in contact with them. “The Western Kentucky Veterans Center Therapeutic Garden is an exemplary design of a therapeutic garden, incorporating the best available evidence in its design,” says Mitrione. “It will greatly benefit the residents and staff.”

Tchoupitoulas Triangle Park, New Orleans, LA – 2006

Approximately six months after Hurricane Katrina touched down in New Orleans, members of the DCC from all over the country met there to rehab the hardscape portions of a triangular shaped park at the intersection of Rue Tchoupitoulas and Rue Religious, near the NOLA Convention Center. Sidewalks leading to a circular centerpiece were stamped and stenciled. A memorial to the city was sandblasted into the center of the circle. The completed park was dedicated on March 18 as part of the DCC EXPO 2006, one of the first major events held in the city after Katrina.

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