At ASCC, we’re all about enhancing the capabilities of those who build with concrete, and safety is a big part of that mission. One of the best resources we offer is through our Safety Consulting Services Program is the On-Site Safety Evaluation Service. This is a tool and resource any member can utilize to have an objective evaluation of site conditions and work practices on your projects. ...

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In this quarter's H2H column, we are proud to celebrate the remarkable contributions of three member companies and their representatives—Mike Poppoff with Poppoff, Inc., Clay Fischer with Woodland Tilt-Up, and Jack Cooney with Somero Enterprises—who have generously donated to a groundbreaking study on safety helmets conducted by Virginia Tech. Their support, facilitated through the...

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ASCCSAFE: What's Working

Posted on June 12, 2024 in: Safety

By Joshua Tienken, M.S., W.E. Beaty, Inc. Safety professionals tend to wear a lot of hats throughout their career. From risk management and compliance to conducting training and holding meetings at all levels of their establishment. While we spend a lot of time on various tasks, we can all agree that the core focus of our profession is our people. We strive for participation and engagement in o...

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As we continue through another year full of safety initiatives, I'd like to highlight an important upcoming event: the 2024 ASCC Fall Safety Summit. This event is rapidly approaching in a few months, and it's the perfect time to bookmark the date. The Safety Summit is obviously my favorite event that ASCC hosts and is fantastic opportunity for members from all over the country to come toge...

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Beat the Heat!

Posted on June 03, 2024 in: Safety, Newsletter

Joe Whiteman, Director of Safety Services The Voice Newsletter June 2024 As the summer months approach, ASCC members face the challenge of combating heat illness among their workers. With the sun beating down and temperatures soaring, it's crucial to prioritize the health and safety of workers on all our projects. Proper onboarding, acclimatization, and adherence to federal standards are e...

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Jason T.K. Anglin, Safety Director at Christman Construction The Voice Newsletter May 2024 Injury management is one of the more critical elements that can help determine if a workplace accident will eventually be categorized as a first aid, OSHA recordable, restricted duty or a Time Loss Accident. An essential key to injury management is planning and knowing where your team will take an inj...

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Joe Whiteman, Director of Safety Services, The Voice Newsletter, March 2024 Attention ASCC member companies operating in California: California's recent enactment of SB 553/California Labor Code Section 6401.9 mandates comprehensive workplace violence prevention plans for almost all employers in the state. This development, often exemplified by the saying "as goes California, so goe...

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Heather Baines, Past Council Director The Voice Newsletter February 2024 Weekly safety meetings or safety talks are common practice in many workplaces, especially those with potentially hazardous environments such as construction sites, Theses meetings serve several important purposes: 1. Promoting Safety Awareness: Regular safety meetings help keep practices at the forefront of employees&r...

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Joe Garza, SRMC Director The Voice Newsletter January 2024 As a veteran of the construction industry, it is certain that we cannot escape the harsh environment we find ourselves working through. From blistering hot summers to cold winter days that send an icy chill down to our bones, we somehow find a way to work through it all. In 2018, we found ourselves ill-prepared for a cold-snap and mo...

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Joelle McGehee, Alliance Safety Council, SRMC director, The VOICE Newsletter December 2023 Let’s be honest: the first few days on the job are challenging for everyone. So how can you help your new employees to start on a high note? Can you do this without spending every Monday of the year in a conference room, staring at safety orientation checklists? Like many learning processes, you ...

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