Goals and Strategies

Goal #1 To be financially secure, develop a 3-year business plan to operate in the black and maintain a 12-mo. reserve. Review this plan semi-annually and adjust as needed.


  • Restructure dues to increase total revenue by $300k annually.
  • Increase membership to maintain a goal of 800 members by end of 2024 and 900 members by end of 2025.
  • Monetize Services to generate revenues streams.
  • Facilitate Benefits

Goal #2 Increase benefits & opportunities to MAC members and contractors.


  • Affinity Partnerships
  • Co-promote and leverage MAC members.

Goal #3 Solidify our brand. Strengthen our sphere of influence.


  • Self-promotion
  • Advance our technical expertise.
  • Coordinate ASCC influence within ACI, TCA, NRMCA, ACPA

Updated 03/2024 

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