Mission: ‘Enhancing the Capabilities of Those Who Build with Concrete’

The Core Values of ASCC’s Mission Are:

  • Personal Connection – An active and involved membership, awareness of members’ needs, quick response to members’ requests.
  • Professional Growth - Facilitate:
    • Member interaction and learning,
    • Diverse networking opportunities,
    • Access to industry-wide knowledge,
    • Openness among members.
  • Raising the Quality of Concrete Construction – Technical knowledge production and distribution; educating the industry on constructability; developing business savvy members, helping members deliver a high quality product.
  • Safety – promote zero tolerance for unsafe practices; model and share best practices.
  • Voice of the Concrete Contractor – The expert on constructability; represent concrete contractors throughout the construction industry; drive members to voice their expertise.


  • ASCC members will be the most informed contractors on both technical and business matters.
  • ASCC and its contractor members will gain and leverage respect for their knowledge and experience on constructability issues.
  • The ASCC name – its products, events and publications – will be recognized and valued throughout the design and construction industry.
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