Concrete Construction Safety Manual

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Table of Contents

Chapter No.   Chapter Name Revision Date
Note to the User of the ASCC Safety Manual July 2014
Table of Contents Feb. 2019
Introduction to the ASCC Safety Manual July 2014
Safety Policy July 2014
A.1 The Cost of Accidents July 2014
A.2 Roles & Responsibilities July 2014
A.3 Safety Disciplinary Procedure July 2014
A.4 Record Keeping July 2014
A.5 Employee Orientation & Safety Training July 2014
A.6 Jobsite Hazards: Recognition & Correction July 2014
A.7 Accident Investigation July 2014
A.8 Post Injury Management July 2014
A.9 Substance Abuse Policy July 2014
A.10 Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) July 2014
A.11 Workplace Violence July 2014
B.1 Safety Rules July 2014
B.2 Emergency Action Plan July 2014
B.3 Hazard Communication July 2014
B.4 Respiratory Protection Program July 2014
B.5 Hearing Conservation July 2014
B.6 Control of Hazardous Energy Sources: Lock-Out/Tag-Out July 2014
B.7 Fire Prevention and Protection July 2014
B.8 Confined Space Safety June 2016
B.9 Concrete Construction

July 2014


Fleet Safety

July 2014
B.11 Mobile and Locomotive Cranes and Crane Safety July 2014
B.12 Excavations, Trenching & Shoring July 2014
B.13 Excavations, Trenching & Shoring July 2014
B.14 Ladders, Stairways & Access July 2014
B.15 Scaffolding July 2014
B.16 Forklift Safety July 2014
B.17 Welding & Burning July 2014
B.18 Electrical Safety July 2014
B.19 Traffic Control July 2014
B.20 Management of Silica in Construction Feb. 2018

Concrete Forming

July 2014
B.22 Tilt-up July 2014
B.23 Crane Management for Concrete Construction July 2014
B.24 Concrete Pumps and Concrete Pumping Safety April 2019
B.25 Concrete Polishing May 2017
B.26  Fall Protection  Feb. 2019 
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