ASCC Education, Research & Development Foundation Projects


  • The Foundation published Tolerances for Cast-in-Place Concrete Buildings, A Guide for Specifiers, Contractors and Inspectors, written by Bruce A. Suprenant, PhD, PE, FACI, and Ward R. Malisch, PhD, PE, FACI.  The book suggests practical tolerances based on as-built measurements on buildings that have performed satisfactorily.  It includes a history of CIP tolerances, as-built data and rational tolerances based on practical observations. The book's statement of purpose reads as follows:  "This book was published to make tolerances more easily understood by the construction team and to minimize any misunderstanding of how tolerances are to be used in practice." From Concrete Construction Magazine:  "Authors Malisch and Suprenant have culled relevant information from more than a hundred diverse sources including published standards, books, committee reports, magazine articles, and research reports.  By researching ACI archives and other historical documents, the authors have provided both valuable perspective and interesting reading.  It's quite impressive to see how much knowledge has been brought together in this single publication from so many disparate sources.  By consolidating it into one volume and including the benefit of their collective experience and expertise, they have put together a worthwhile reference work for the concrete industry." - $40,000
  • Revision of ACI-117's Guide for Tolerance Compatibility in Concrete Construction - $22,500

ACI 117 - Tolerances 

In 2007, ASCC raised $130,000 from members to support the efforts of ACI 117 to publish documents that would help improve the design, specification and construction of cast-in-place concrete, as it relates to tolerances.  Funds spent:

  • Guide for Tolerance Compatibility in Concrete Construction - $67,500
  • Data Gathering - $15,070
  • Laser Scanning - $13,206

ACI 347 - Formwork for Concrete 


  • The National Steering Committee of the Concrete Industry Management Program.  The CIM program is designed for undergraduate and graduate - level students interested in entering the concrete industry. - $25,000 per year for 5 years
  • A five-year scholarship for a CIM student enrolled in the concrete contractor's tract of the Concrete Industry Management Program, and the monies to send the student each year to the two ACI conventions and the ASCC Annual Conference. - $15,000 per year for 5 years
  • A PowerPoint presentation for use in helping prepare those taking the ACI Flatwork Finisher Certification class, following the revision of CCS-1 (10) Concrete Craftsman Series: Slabs-on-Ground. - $5,000


  • Research to measure, examine and evaluate ACI 347.3R-13 “Guide to Formed Concrete Surfaces” in answer to contractors’ concerns about the complexity, achievability and clarity of the recommended surface finish requirements. - $100,000
  • Support of the Strategic Development Council's research initiative "Reducing Volume Change-Induced Cracking of Concrete: Field Implementation and Evaluation of Crack-Reduction Technologies." - $100,000
  • Support for research leading to the development of a "User's Guide to 'Green' Concrete in Building Construction". The ASCC Foundation received $125,000 from the Charles Pankow Foundation to fund the bulk of this research. - $10,000
  • Support research on the delamination of lightweight concrete being conducted by the ACI 302 delamination subcommittee in partnership with ASCC. - $10,000


  • Endorsement and funding of the Industry Friends initiative which brings industry colleagues to a forum to reflect on ASCC and share their counsel. - $25,000
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