2020 Safety Awards

Posted on October 07, 2020 in: Press Release, Safety

Concrete contractors with exemplary safety records for 2019 were recognized by the Safety & Risk Management Council of the American Society of Concrete Contractors on September 23.

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Stop Toolbox Talk Burnout: 5 Ways to Engage Ruthann Ellis, Department of Field Training & Development, Ceco Concrete Construction  10-2020 Conducting regular Toolbox Talks is an effective way to reinforce the focus on safety for workers. Yet if you are a crew leader, you have probably given the talk on PPE over 100 times, and wonder why you must continue to repeat yourself. Haven&rsqu...

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COVID-19 and Morale - Cutting Through the Numbers Joe Whiteman, Director of Safety Services  9-2020 As we continue to navigate our way through the COVID-19 pandemic, morale is certainly taking a toll among our workers. I suspect the big contributor comes from the litany of news coverage surrounding the pandemic. Look at the way the statistics are being reported. They sound horrible, and i...

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COVID Contact Tracing and Construction Safety Jason Anglin, SRMC Board   8-2020 In construction we know the hazards our project teams encounter. We’ve been trained to recognize the dangers of falls, heat stress, heavy equipment and many other hazards that could pose a safety threat. Safe companies have written plans to address known hazards that may be encountered under normal ...

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COVID-19 Safety for Fleet Vehicles

Posted on July 01, 2020 in: Safety

COVID-19 Safety for Fleet Vehicles Joe Whiteman, Director of Safety Services 7-2020  We are about five months into the COVID-19 pandemic. During this time, I have had an opportunity to speak with several members across the country to hear what their specific challenges are dealing with safety precautions and recommended safe work practices related to the Coronavirus. For the most part, I ...

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Hot Weather, COVID-19, and Heat Related Illness; Oh My! Joe Whiteman, Director of Safety Services 6-2020 As the summer months approach, we all should begin the process of getting our workers trained on heat related illnesses. Although we are just beginning to experience elevated temperatures, we need to be mindful of another factor that can potentially exasperate those effects - the added laye...

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Join Our ASCC COVID-19 Roundtable Calls; a Weekly Forum to Share Challenges and Resources Joe Whiteman, Director of Safety Services 5-2020 During this pandemic, contractors across the country are faced with many challenges related to operating under federal, state and local guidelines pertaining to COVID-19. Last month we highlighted the COVID-19 resource page on the ASCC website. That page co...

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Safety & Risk Management Council   ason Anglin, Safety & Risk Management Council  5-2020 One of the basic principles of any safety program is to control risk exposure for our workforce and projects. By limiting operational risk we help reduce the potential for injury and incidents and decrease the level of severity when such events occur. A tool that is often underutiliz...

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ASCC COVID–19 Resources

Posted on April 01, 2020 in: Safety

ASCC COVID–19 Resources Joe Whiteman, Director of Safety Services  4-2020 Hello ASCC members. Across the country, much of our industry has been deemed essential. As we navigate the challenges and health risks facing essential workers, please know that ASCC is continually updating its resources to meet the frequently changing guidelines. The ASCC website is one way to access those...

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The American Society of Concrete Contractors (ASCC) St. Louis, MO, has launched a program of safety consulting services for its contractor members. Available services include Written Program / Policy Review, Site Safety and Risk Assessment, a Mock OSHA Inspection and an Assessment of Silica Dust Generating Conditions. Services are provided by Joe Whiteman, ASCC’s director of safety services,...

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