Jim Klinger, concrete construction specialist The Voice Newsletter November 2021 Full disclosure: A pat on the back and a tip of the hat to Vince Bailey, who writes the “Estimators Edge” column that appears in the monthly AWCI (Association of the Wall and Ceiling Industry) publication “Construction Dimensions”. In addition to offering estimating guidance, Bailey’s ...

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Jim Klinger, concrete construction specialist, The Voice Newsletter October 2021 Note #1: The ASCC Technical Division welcomes member phone calls to our Hotline and email traffic submitted by members either through the Forum or directly to us. Already this year we have fielded several hundred requests from our members for assistance with technical issues ranging from apparent cold joints in the...

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What Brings You to the ASCC Hotline?

Posted on September 01, 2021 in: Technical

Jim Klinger, The Voice Newsletter September 2021 The ASCC Hotline has been in existence for about 50 years, taking calls on business, contracts/specifications and technical issues. The success of the Hotline is not about the person answering the calls, but the contractors that call in. As contractors call, more information is obtained about an issue or project, which collectively leads to a pin...

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Concrete By Any Other Name

Posted on August 01, 2021 in: Technical

Jim Klinger, Concrete Construction Specialist, The Voice Newsletter July/August 2021 Call it coincidence. I had a chance to commiserate with an old construction colleague over this past holiday weekend. Both of us had set foot on our first concrete construction jobsite during the second week of July, 1979 at the same small, mid-rise apartment project  just outside Bethesda...

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Jim Klinger, Concrete Construction Specialist, The Voice Newsletter June 2021 About a month ago I purchased one of those so-called “Ebikes” from our local big-box store. This particular model features 14-inch wheels and fold-down handlebars. A rechargeable battery-powered motor can be used to supplement the traditional foot pedals. Gears, shock absorbers and a comfortable seat were ...

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Jim Klinger, Concrete Construction Specialist, The Voice Newsletter, May 2021 Here at your ASCC Technical Division, much of our work product is created in response to concrete construction substrate acceptance issues disclosed by members via hotline calls or prompted by Email Forum posts. Sometimes, for example, a concrete floor slab substrate has been deemed unacceptable by a follow-on...

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Shotcrete Core Evaluation

Posted on April 15, 2021 in: Technical

Jim Klinger, Concrete Construction Specialist, The Voice Newsletter, April 2021 Full disclosure: This writer’s first experience with shotcrete was in 1987; when the general level of industry understanding of structural shotcrete was evolving, shotcrete wall reinforcement was typically limited to a maximum #5 bar size, and only a minimal use of reinforcing steel contact lap splices was all...

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Blindsided by COVID-19

Posted on March 15, 2021 in: Technical

Jim Klinger, Concrete Construction Specialist, The Voice Newsletter, March 2021 Veteran concrete contractors will tell you one of the worst parts of getting blindsided is that you never see it coming. And so it is with COVID-19. How many are there among us who left World of Concrete last year without collecting our personal copies of “The COVID-19 Owner’s Manual” that explains...

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Spearin Doctrine

Posted on February 15, 2021 in: Technical

Jim Klinger, Concrete Construction Specialist, The Voice Newsletter, February 2021 In his suspense novel Skyscraper, author Robert Byrne employs lead character Brian Mitchell, an intrepid Colorado-based consulting engineer, as a foil to introduce and explain a massive construction failure and its aftermath to a non-technical audience. To oversimplify enormously, Google Books advertises the nove...

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WWR Lap Splice Requirements

Posted on January 15, 2021 in: Technical

Jim Klinger, Concrete Construction Specialist, The Voice Newsletter, January 2021 Hotline Question “We have a project featuring a 6-inch thick concrete slab-on-ground over an 85,000 SF footprint of prepared subgrade. Reinforcing for the slab is plain welded-wire mesh (WWR 6x6). We installed the WWR using a lap splice of one square overlap, or 6 inches. The project inspector has rejecte...

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