Jason T.K. Anglin, Safety Director at Christman Construction
The Voice Newsletter May 2024

Injury management is one of the more critical elements that can help determine if a workplace accident will eventually be categorized as a first aid, OSHA recordable, restricted duty or a Time Loss Accident.

An essential key to injury management is planning and knowing where your team will take an injured worker if they need to be examined by a medical professional. Prior to sending a work crew to a new project, a site-specific safety plan should be created as a best management practice which identifies where and how an injured worker should be examined for a minor injury.

When selecting a clinic or medical provider some of the criteria that should be used include:

  • How close is the provider to the project site?
  • What are their hours of operation?
  • How will care be authorized for an injured worker?
  • Does the clinic have a staff that is trained to understand the needs of occupational health?
  • If necessary, does the provider offer post-accident drug screening?
  • Do they have in-house x-ray services for diagnostic care?

Knowing all this before an incident can reduce confusion and the time an injured worker needs to spend being examined before receiving necessary care.

Before selecting a medical clinic/service, an online search should be conducted to identify a provider that meets your team’s needs. After a potential provider is identified before selecting them, a call or ideally a visit should be made to establish a relationship and determine if the provider will meet the expectations of your team.

During the call/visit it should also be communicated to the provider if your company has a return-to-work program. Doing so ahead of time can reduce mix-ups and may help the care provider and patient when determining a treatment plan.

Once a medical provider has been selected, a map with the clinic hours and phone number should be posted at the project for use. Encourage your onsite project leadership to drive to the providers address, doing so before an accident can reduce the time it takes to get worker care and reduce some of the stress when managing an incident.

Another potential consideration is the use of a medical service that can provide telehealth and direct visit options to a project for minor injuries.

As safety professionals our hope is to prevent injuries but, when they occur, the steps, we take to prepare can truly help both our co-workers and employers.

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