Bruce Suprenant, Technical Director, The Voice Newsletter November 2018

ACI’s newest committee, 134, Constructability, has been providing contributions to a constructability column in ACI Concrete International. Members of 134 include Jim Cornell of JN Cornell Associates as chair, Bruce Suprenant, TAC contact, and Bev Garnant as a voting member, along with the following ASCC contractor members:

  • Scott Anderson, Keystone Structural Concrete
  • Oscar Antommattei, Kiewit Engineering Group
  • Aron Csont, Barton Malow
  • Ralph Jessop, Phaze Concrete
  • Larry Karlson, PCL Constructors
  • James Klinger, Co
  • Joseph McKewon, Charles Pankow Builders
  • Michael Schneider, Baker Concrete Construction

This committee has published two articles -- shown below -- and will publish a third in December 2018. For the first time, the ASCC Technical Committee has become an author of an ACI Concrete International article. And it is on an especially important topic—ADA slopes. Congratulations to that committee! In addition, ASCC contractor members Larry Karlson, PCL Constructors, Eamonn Connolly, James McHugh Construction, Chris Garcia, Pankow Builders, Phil Diekemper and Frank Salzano, CECO, have also contributed to the ACI Constructability columns.

• “Defining Concrete Constructability”, Larry G. Karlson, Eamonn F. Connolly, Christopher M. Garcia, and Bruce A. Suprenant, ACI Concrete International, October 2018.

• “Designing for Constructability—ADA Surface Accessibility”, ASCC Technical Committee, ACI Concrete International, November 2018.

• “Constructability of Post-tensioning Anchors in Shear Walls”, Phil Diekemper, Frank Salzano and Bruce Suprenant, ACI Concrete International, December 2018.

Bev Garnant is the 134-member responsible for getting the 134 articles into print. If you have any contributions send them to Bev or Bruce. Let’s continue to improve the constructability of concrete structures.

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