Bruce Suprenant, Technical Director, The Voice Newsletter October 2017

A lot has happened within CPC in the short time from May Committee Days in St. Louis to the September Annual Conference in Phoenix. What started in May got kicked around and discussed in depth in Phoenix: slab and polishing contractors working together on documents. At the Annual Conference, there were two roundtable discussions and one special meeting to compare notes and discuss issues. The special meeting was definitely standing room only.

As these discussions occur, ASCC staff, especially Todd and Jill, take the recommendations and assist CPC committees and the board in bringing the CPC information to the industry. The first opportunity to present CPC information occurs this Novembers in ACI’s Concrete International which will publish a one page introduction on “Position Statements from the Concrete Polishing Council of ASCC” along with these three very important CPC Position Statements:

The Concrete Polishing Council sponsored a reception as part of the Concrete Polishing & Staining Show held in Pittsburgh earlier this month.

  • #1 Slab Protection by Others
  • #2 Slip Resistance of Polished Concrete
  • #3 Coordinating Slab and Polishing Contractors’ Contracts

ACI’s Concrete International goes to 18,000 individuals interested in the concrete industry and serves to educate users on polished concrete. In particular, these Position Statements encourage anyone with questions to contact a CPC polishing contractor or the CPC Technical Hotline at (844) 923-4678 or at

In addition, the CPC Standards and Specifications Subcommittee (now called the Technical Subcommittee) proposed revisions to two charts:

  • Polished Concrete Appearance Chart to replace CPAA Finished Gloss Chart
  • Aggregate Exposure Chart to replace CPAA Aggregate Exposure Chart

These two charts will also be incorporated into the CPC specification: Section 03 3543 Bonded Abrasive Polished Concrete Floors. We will need all contractor members and associate members to help in distributing these important updates and the CPC specification to the concrete industry. As CPC leads the polished concrete industry, we need to make sure others are informed of these important changes.

The CPC Polished Concrete Care & Maintenance Brochure is finished and ready for distribution to all those lucky polished concrete owners. Make sure each owner has one so they can take care of their polished concrete and want more of it!

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