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ASCC's New Monthly Safety Roundtables and Why You Should Participate Joe Whiteman, director of safety services  2-2021 For those who have attended our COVID-19 Roundtables, you have seen the value in sharing your experiences and listening to others challenges or lessons learned. The Safety & Risk Management Council realized what a great tool and opportunity it provides members to ...

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WWR Lap Splice Requirements

Posted on January 15, 2021 in: Technical

Jim Klinger, Concrete Construction Specialist, The Voice Newsletter, January 2021 Hotline Question “We have a project featuring a 6-inch thick concrete slab-on-ground over an 85,000 SF footprint of prepared subgrade. Reinforcing for the slab is plain welded-wire mesh (WWR 6x6). We installed the WWR using a lap splice of one square overlap, or 6 inches. The project inspector has rejecte...

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Safety Moments: The Value in Sharing Lesson Learned Joe Whiteman, director of safety services  1-2021 One of the many great benefits of being an ASCC member is the knowledge base that comes with it. We pride ourselves on the quality of our members and the professionalism they bring to the association. Whether it be experience with technical knowledge, operations, or means and methods, eac...

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