Entries for June 2021

ST. LOUIS, MO June 10 – Volunteers from the Decorative Concrete Council (DCC) and the Manufacturers’ Advisory Council (MAC) of the American Society of Concrete Contractors (ASCC) traveled to Detroit, MI March 11-12 to complete a community project for the Durfee Innovation Society. Paul Albanelli, Albanelli Cement Contractors, Livonia, MI was the project manager for the installation ...

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Employee Independent Action - What Is It? Joe Whiteman, director of safety services A great question was raised during last month’s Safety Roundtable on Root Cause Analysis. “What do you do after you have performed a root cause analysis and identified the cause was an employee knowing better, but simply choosing to cut a corner or do the wrong thing”? The follow up question w...

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Jim Klinger, Concrete Construction Specialist, The Voice Newsletter June 2021 About a month ago I purchased one of those so-called “Ebikes” from our local big-box store. This particular model features 14-inch wheels and fold-down handlebars. A rechargeable battery-powered motor can be used to supplement the traditional foot pedals. Gears, shock absorbers and a comfortable seat were ...

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