Ryan Klacking, CPC Council Director The Voice Newsletter March 2024

With the ever-changing construction industry, more companies are familiarizing themselves and their employees with artificial intelligence (AI). It revolutionizes how we plan our projects, how we analyze vast amounts of data, and even how we hire. It enhances our safety and our productivity – but how do we implement and use it?

AI is a game changer, and with so much to talk about this issue, this quick article could become a 100-page (or more) document, So I’ll share with you some of the benefits of artificial intelligence, and why I’ve implemented it within my companies to help you get a head start.

We’re all familiar with the repetitive tasks; the errors, the labor – and that’s where AI can help. By streamlining processes, resources, and scheduling through historical data and workflow, you’re improving your accuracy which can lead to major cost savings. Another great feature of AI is that your project planning just got easier. By analyzing complex and historical data, AI can help reduce costs, optimize project schedules, and with resource availability, it will help deliver projects efficiently. Project managers can manage their projects without the need to be physically present on site (of course, if need be, always be there).

When it comes to forecasting, this is when AI can shine. By using AI-powered systems, the algorithms will help to forecast the materials, equipment, labor, and inventory – utilizing patterns to make informed decisions. This ultimately leads to a reduction in waste and an increase in profitability. Also, through predictive analytics, AI will predict delays in projects, cost overruns, and potential safety hazards. It can manage your budgets, streamline your documentation, and effectively schedule your staff.

With all of this said (and it doesn’t even cover what AI’s capabilities are, not even in the slightest), AI still won’t, and probably never will, replace the importance of human connection(s). Keep in mind that AI is a tool, not a replacement. The key to AI is to enhance the human element, which cannot be replaced.

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