Rich Cofoid DCC Council Director The Voice Newsletter October 2023

Exciting news about the next World of Concrete!! The Decorative Concrete Council and the Concrete Polishing Council are joining forces to bring THE DECORATIVE CONCRETE EXPERIENCE to the W.O.C 2024, which is the 50th anniversary of the largest tradeshow in the U.S. dedicated specifically to our concrete industry.

As you know, for years the DCC and CPC have staffed a booth separate from the main ASCC booth, ours being outdoors in the Silver lot where most of the decorative demos and events are held. Staffed by DCC and CPC volunteers, we promote and increase awareness of ASCC, answer tech questions, and sign-up new members.

This year we are moving indoors to the back of the South Hall and will bring the Decorative Concrete Experience to 1,000 sf of space. While volunteers from both councils are meeting to work on the details, we are bringing an immersive experience and hope to include “meet the legends” sessions where well known personalities in the industry speak and answers questions; Ted Talks-type engagements on specific decorative subjects; a self-guided history of Decorative Concrete; displays and samples of the different levels of light reflectivity in polished floors and instructions on how to measure it; as well as different aggregate exposures. Other ideas include showcasing DCC award winners, meeting the winners’ events where 1st place winners can explain their project, the processes they used, and answer questions. A possible tailgate party, and a “myth buster” section where we debunk widely held yet incorrect hearsay about decorative concrete.

Of course, the strategic goals of The Decorative Concrete Experience include:

  • Promote DCC and CPC’s leadership role in the decorative concrete industry to the World of Concrete Audience.
  • Renew the social connection of those involved in the decorative and polished concrete industries.
  • Attract young professionals to the decorative concrete industry.
  • Highlight the benefits of membership to ASCC (and add new members).

It is a large undertaking, and we are happy that the Emerging Leaders Council has offered their assistance. Naturally, we would love to hear from you should you have any ideas or wish to volunteer in the set up and/or staffing of the Experience.

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