Concrete Polishing Council Overview

Are you a contractor new to the industry wanting to know more details about the concrete polishing process? Are you a veteran contractor wanting to learn about the most up-to-date technological advances and network with peers across the nation? The Concrete Polishing Council can help.

What is the Concrete Polishing Council (CPC)?

The CPC is a specialty council of the ASCC. It supports the concrete floor polishing contractor with ASCC polishing-specific Position Statements, specifications, safety resources, seminars, webinars, online technical resources, certification, and more, providing opportunities for contractors to become the most well-informed in the industry. CPC is a valuable resource for architects, contractors, and facility owners/managers needing non-biased answers surrounding specifying, installing, or maintaining polished concrete.

The CPC concrete polishing certification program validates the superior qualifications of those companies that verify that their finishers meet the appropriate credentials. If you're interested in the certification program click here for more information.

CPC committees represent a group of industry professionals who offer consensus-based definitions, procedures and best practices. Visit the glossary, specifications, and resources pages for additional information on concrete floor polishing information.

Polishing Press Releases
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Clark Branum Hired as Decorative & Polished Concrete Specialist

November 16, 2022 – Clark Branum, noted decorative concrete speaker, trainer, and quality control manager, has joined the Technical Division of ... Read More

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