Kalkaska Trout Inlay

2021 | Concrete Artistry, Under 5000 SF

2021 DCC Award Winner
Kalkaska Trout Inlay, Fisher Companies

First Place: Concrete Artistry, Under 5,000 SF

Fischer Companies was presented a unique opportunity to work with Grand Travers Construction Co. to complete a decorative trout mosaic inlay for a newly constructed clock tower in the trout capital of Michigan.

During the initial meeting Grand Travers wanted to place the tile into the concrete on the day of the pour. After much thought Fisher suggested a plan to precast the six-foot by six-foot concrete tile two inches thick.

A Trinic GFRC mix was used to gain 10,000 PSI and pretensioned stainless steel cables were embedded for transportation and installation. Each tile was hand cut and placed on lexon plastic to achieve a smooth, uniform tile.

A mirrored template was adhered to the underside of the clear lexon to place each piece of tile in the proper location. Once the tiles were secured, the concrete was poured into the form.

Using the pretensioned cables, the tile was secured to the transportation skid and the concrete was sealed. The 6 foot by 6 foot piece was set in place using the embedded cables.

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