Zhuhai ChimeLong Hengqin Island Theater

2021 | Cementitious Overlays, Over 5000 SF

2021 DCC Award Winner
Zhuhai ChimeLong Hengqin Island Theater, Beijing Orangestone Hardscape Co., Ltd.

First Place: Cementitious Overlays, Over 5,000 SF

With 8,000 seats, Zhuhai ChimeLong Hengqin Island Theater is the world's largest acrobatics and performance theater. The design concept follows the history of the ChimeLong Circus and creates their very own "Avenue of Stars". The floor is dotted with the logos of the International Circus Federation and the ChimeLong Group, and photos of classic horse dramas.

A contrasting selection of decorative concrete products and finishes were used in combination, including blue alloy aggregates, sand wash areas, five-pointed stars, concrete mosaics, as well as painted areas, etc. The supporting flower bases and stools were finished in complimenting patterns and finishes to further highlight the theme atmosphere.

The five-pointed star on the red ribbon in the Avenue of Stars is made of copper alloy aggregate which reflects sunlight with a high intensity and shine. The center of the five pointed star uses metal inlays to introduce the history of the five-generation innovative development of the circus.

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