​Contemporary Summer Retreat

2016 | Under 5000 SF, Overlay / Under 1/4”

2016 DCC Award Winner
Contemporary Summer Retreat, Salzano Custom Concrete

First Place: Overlays – less than ¼” / Under 5000 SF

This backyard in-ground pool was constructed about a year ago and Salzano Custom Concrete was called in to rescue the troubled pool deck. We proposed to prepare the surface and apply a new decorative overlay.

The first challenge was working with the existing concrete. Removing the pool deck was not an option. Not so straight deck joints and other inconsistencies made the resurfacing process a challenge. We were able to work with the joints to blend them into the pattern and able to fill some low spots to reduce puddling.

Coming up with a contemporary design to suit the surroundings was the second challenge. The customer wanted to carry their contemporary interior style out to the pool deck. Bluestone pool coping was already in place and had to stay. We used the basic color of the coping, but created an extra-large “quarry block” style stone pattern. We stained alternating tiles in subtly different colors tones to maintain an elegant and natural look. Finally, the customer wanted something unique under the deck. They had just had gray hardwood laid in the basement, somewhat driftwood style. We were able to match it reasonably well in an area outside of the basement doors. Customer loved their total transformation from aggregate gone bad to a beautiful Contemporary Summer Retreat.

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