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2020 | Countertops

2020 DCC Award Winner
Motion Picture Association of America, Hyde Concrete

First Place: Countertops/Furniture/Firepits

In an industry well-known for make-believe, it seemed only fitting for the Motion Picture Association of America to want concrete sinks that looked like wood. In particular, architects working for MPAA wanted two multiple-wave sinks for a high-profile reception space in its new offices.

Hyde Concrete produced several mockups to prove its capabilities. The texture was the easy part, but it took multiple rounds to get the color just right. After nailing the look, Hyde concentrated on fabricating this challenging, multi-dimensional shape.

First, the team torched walnut and ran a wire wheel on both sides to achieve the desired texture. Next, they assembled boards to make a master plug. On this, they cast rubber to make a sheet for molding the “face” they needed.

To achieve the wave, Hyde fabricated wooden templates of the edge profile, then cut the sink shapes out of foam with a hot wire cutter. Next, they built the sink frames with the shaped foam and melamine. Finally, they cut and skinned the frames to create the mold used for casting. Once the molding was complete, they sprayed a light brown GFRC and applied stain.

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