Tzu Chi Education Center

2020 | Vertical / Facades, Over 5000 SF

2020 DCC Award Winner
Tzu Chi Education Center, Bomanite Malaysia Sdn Bhd

First Place: Vertical/Facades, Over 5,000 SF

The Tzu Chi Education Center in Penang, Malaysia, is the result of a global foundation whose mission includes building schools for the less fortunate. Bomanite Malaysia worked with the general contractor to install exposed aggregate on the five-story buildings’ facades.

The Tzu Chi Foundation requires a mix of white, gray and green 10-15 mm pebbles on all its buildings worldwide. At close range, the pebbles almost protrude from the surface and you can see very little cement grouting. They are thoroughly washed and skillfully installed to form fine decorative architectural details on a nearly maintenance-free exterior.

The pebbles were mixed by machine and manually hoisted bucket by bucket to the different levels. The Bomanite crew literally moved and lifted tons of materials for this job.

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