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Sharing Concrete Resources & Information Legally: MIX Groups

MIX Orientation Meeting

One of the most impactful aspects of membership with the American Society of Concrete Contractors is increased access to resources, information and shared experiences for those working in the concrete industry. Much of this access comes in the form of information-sharing among contractors in forums and discussion groups. The information shared among peers has the potential to completely revolutionize your business.


What is a MIX (Management Information eXchange) Group?

A MIX Group is a group of 5-10 contractors who do similar types of work in different geographic locations. Meetings are hosted by the group members, and are typically scheduled twice a year. Each individual group decides on the focus and meeting frequency. 

Because members are not in competition with each other, the dialogue and topics discussed are open and diverse, providing members with a variety of information and resources. The purpose of a MIX Group is to help each contractor improve their business through sharing. 

Concrete Information Meetings & Joining A MIX Group

In addition to the benefit of increased access to information and experience, the most important aspect of a newly formed MIX Group is the personal dynamics between members. It is important to allow potential members the opportunity to meet each other first in a relaxed setting which typically occurs at MIX Group orientation meetings.  Orientation meetings are scheduled twice a year, in the spring and fall. At these 1 1/2 day sessions you will experience the actual MIX Group meeting environment. Following the orientation meeting a new group is typically formed. 

If you are interested in attending an orientation meeting, please download, complete and submit the "Notification of Interest" form. We have an orientation every Spring and Fall. 

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