‘Enhancing the Capabilities of Those Who Build with Concrete’

The Core Values of ASCC’s Mission Are:
  • Personal Connection – An active and involved membership, awareness of members’ needs, quick response to members’ requests.
  • Professional Growth - Facilitate:
    • Member interaction and learning,
    • Diverse networking opportunities,
    • Access to industry-wide knowledge,
    • Openness among members.
  • Raising the Quality of Concrete Construction – Technical knowledge production and distribution; educating the industry on constructability; developing business savvy members, helping members deliver a high quality product.
  • Safety – promote zero tolerance for unsafe practices; model and share best practices.
  • Voice of the Concrete ContractorThe expert on constructability; represent concrete contractors throughout the construction industry; drive members to voice their expertise.


  • ASCC members will be the most informed contractors on both technical and business matters.
  • ASCC and its contractor members will gain and leverage respect for their knowledge and experience on constructability issues.
  • The ASCC name – its products, events and publications – will be recognized and valued throughout the design and construction industry.

Goals and Strategies

#1 Goal – ASCC Contractors Have the Tools and Training to be the Safest in the Construction Industry

  • Measure performance
    • Access Bureau of Labor statistics
    • Capture 5 years of member OSHA rates by January 2021
      • Other data to capture
    • Develop plans for improvement
      • Increase use of ASCC safety resources by members
      • Increase members’ average safety matrix number from 5.84 (January 2020) to 12 (January 2023)
    • Develop leading indicator measurement options

#2 Goal – Increase Industry Influence in Order to Positively Impact Members’ Performance and Success

  • Be the concrete construction industry influencer for the transition from hard hats to helmets
    • Increase members’ conversion to helmets to 75% in 3 years
    • Investigate partnerships with other industry organizations (AGC, CIRT, CURT)
  • Continue to increase influence via technical knowledge and expertise
    • Hire part-time help for technical director
    • Push for mandatory contractor seat on ACI TAC
    • Network with ACI presidents to make our case for contractor involvement and recognition
    • Increase concrete contractor attendees and committee involvement at ACI conventions
  • Complete Proof of Quality (Company Certification) Program
    • Draft to board for review September 2020
    • Roll out and implement

#3 Goal – Identify and Overcome Barriers to Contractor Productivity

  • Concrete 2029
    • Adapt SDC Goal #4 “Improve Contractor Productivity and Project Quality” in partnership with other industry organizations
  • Complete (with NCCER) Finisher-Superintendent Curriculum Rewrite
    • Draft complete June 2020
    • Develop an electronic version
    • Available in Spanish
  • Use ACI Documents/Committees
    • Produce a Guide for first 1-6 sections of 301
    • Update ACI Concrete Craftsmen series in conjunction with ACI E-703; add more “WHY” things are done the way they are
    • Utilize ACI 134 (Constructability)
      • Produce documents to educate the design community as to constructability issues including a Guide to Constructability; to be published by January 2023
      • Tap into CKC and other construction-friendly design firms
  • Research and share information on new technologies, i.e. VDC

#4 Goal – Support Construction Workforce Development Programs

  • Investigate construction-related workforce development programs
    • Begin with NCCER’s “Build Your Future” (BYF)
    • Explore Helmets to Hardhats and other
  • Continue to work with the Concrete Preservation Institute (CPI)
  • Continue to work with the Concrete Industry Management program (CIM)
  • Establish a Workforce Development Committee
    • Provide members with resources they can implement at a local/regional level
  1. Find the next ‘unsolvable’ issues and develop certification
  2. Co-brand certification programs with ACI
  3. Review Position Statements for certification potential


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