‘Enhancing the Capabilities of Those Who Build with Concrete’

The Core Values of ASCC’s Mission Are:
  • Personal Connection – Active and involved membership, awareness of members’ needs, quick response to members’ requests.
  • Professional Growth - Facilitate:
    • Member interaction and learning,
    • Diverse networking opportunities,
    • Access to industry-wide knowledge,
    • Openness among members.
  • Raising the Quality of Concrete Construction – Technical knowledge production and distribution; educating the industry on constructability; developing business savvy members, helping members deliver a high quality product.
  • Safety – promote zero tolerance for unsafe practices; model and share best practices.
  • Voice of the Concrete ContractorThe expert on constructability; represent concrete contractors throughout the construction industry; drive members to voice their expertise.


  • ASCC members will be the most informed contractors on both technical and business matters.
  • ASCC and its contractor members will gain and leverage respect for their knowledge and experience on constructability issues.
  • The ASCC name – its products, events and publications – will be recognized and valued throughout the design and construction industry.

Goals and Strategies

Goal #1: Increase the Number of Owners Who Truly Demonstrate a Personal Commitment to Safety


  1. Engage a consultant to:
    1. Survey and benchmark member owners' attitudes towards safety
    2. Educate members as to best practices
    3. Work with SRMC to shift owners' perspective on safety

  2. Find members when they are most ready to hear safety message
    1. Use MIX Groups, events, hotline, etc. to identify members who have recently had a serious incident
    2. Collect and publish Near Misses

  3. Make safety an explicit topic at every event
    1. Have members give presentations on their safety epiphany
    2. Have 'best in class' companies give presentations on their culture
    3. Develop 'Safety Roundtable' at CELF
    4. Make safety topic more attractive at events
    5. Consider an Owner's Award in addition to Burr Bennett

Goal #2: Increase ASCC's Influence Within the Industry to Improve Business Outcomes for Our Members


  1. Add members who are influential
    1. Create profile for targeted members
      1. Identify contractors at ACI events who meet profile
      2. Identify contractors across industry who meet profile
      3. Target underrepresented sectors for active membership (e.g. top civil contractors)
    2. Develop 'elevator speech' on ASCC benefits for targeted members
    3. Develop recruitment goals
      1. Configure Membership Committee to meet goals
    4. Position 'Information Exchange' as the 'golden egg' of membership

  2. Create 'Vision 2025' Workshop for Industry Partners

  3. Increase the level of ASCC participation within member companies
    1. Task members with involving their successor within ASCC
    2. Establish WOC event to engage non-member companies
    3. Establish a MIX group targeted at key 'seconds'

  4. Increase influence within ACI
    1. Identify key issues that ASCC members want to influence
      1. Develop strategy and implementation plan
    2. Identify top 10 ACI committee where changes would benefit members
    3. Use position papers as springboard to change specific ACI documents
    4. Increase ways to bring ACI to ASCC
    5. Revive ASCC/ACI joint task force under ASCC banner
    6. Target ACI contractors to become ASCC members

  5. Develop structure and programming for specialty concrete subgroups (like DCC)
    1. Develop a Slab On Grade Council
    2. Identify other industry needs

Goal #3: Position ASCC and its members for Changing Demographic Trends


  1. Identify minority workforce issues and challenges
    1. Convene focus group to identify cultural differences, issues, challenges
    2. Target key companies with minority leadership for membership
    3. Source and publish 'best practices' for 'Leadership Principals within a Diverse Workforce'

  2. Source and promote best practices in response to labor shortages
    1. Locate outside resources
    2. Identify and present recruiting strategies
    3. Engage a consultant with workforce experience

  3. Expand use of technology
    1. Use social media to connect members
    2. Add social media intern/part time to ASCC staff
    3. Engage consultant to define opportunities and resources

  4. Reposition ASCC member benefits to be relevant to future generations
    1. Analyze benefits of creating an 'Emerging Leaders Council'
    2. Task emerging leaders with identifying needs of future generations
    3. Develop mentoring program

Goal #4: Enhance Members' Competitive Position


  1. Identify and fund critical training and development needs
    1. Finalize ASCC Foundation RFP
    2. Partner with other research and educational bodies
    3. Develop ASCC branded training for
      1. Safety
      2. Project Management (Foreman)
      3. Productivity
  2. Develop 'Proof of Quality' program to distinguish members (i.e. JD Powers)
    1. Consult or partner with certification providers regarding existing contractor certification programs
    2. Develop promotional plan to bring this 'Proof of Quality' to developers, designers, etc.
    3. Develop joint ACI/ASCC training and certification for 'Universal Concrete Craftsman'

  3. Engage consultant(s) to advise on industry specific trends, issues, forecasts, etc.
Chris Plue, Facilitator 
Peter Emmons 
Clay Fischer 
Bev Garnant 
Chris Klemaske 
Doug Rhiel 
Neil Roach  
Peter Ruttura 
Mike Schneider 
David Somero 

APRIL 2014

  1. Find the next ‘unsolvable’ issues and develop certification
  2. Co-brand certification programs with ACI
  3. Review Position Statements for certification potential

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