New Google World Headquarters

2023 | Over 5000 SF, Stained Concrete

2023 DCC Award Winner
New Google World Headquarters, FST Design Build Concrete, Milipitas, CA
First Place: Stained Concrete, Over 5,000 SF

This project created concrete color with aggregates that met the design and LEEDS requirements for a LEED Platinum building. Other conditions were the ability acquire enough of the exact same cement, sand, slag, and aggregates to complete the project over a 3-4-year period. created a cement slurry compressor station that recycled all the cement slurry into clean reusable water and concrete bricks that were recycled to new concrete and created a silica dust free project. Every set of stairs within the 1.1 million square foot building was cast-in-place. This project was completed over a 5-year period. The independent FF results were average FF 48 overall on the unshored suspended slab conducted with a Face Meter. Amazing artwork was added to the polished floors throughout the structure.

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