Colene Hoose Elementary School

2023 | Concrete Artistry, Under 5000 SF

2023 DCC Award Winner
Colene Hoose Elementary School, Normal, IL, T.B. Penick & Sons, Inc., San Diego, CA
First Place: Concrete Artistry, Under 5,000 SF

A natural playground integrates play spaces into the surrounding environment. Rather than traditional playground equipment, the design often incorporates elements of nature, like rocks, trees, and water. Children are encouraged to develop creative interactions with nature rather than be guided by prescribed activities. The playground at CHES will be the largest adventure playground in America.

T.B. Penick & Sons installed the Lithomosaic art piece known as the “Rainbow River” and worked with Lithomosaic artist Robin Brailsford who fabricated the Lithomosaic based on her interpretation of the student’s drawings. The fish were made using glass, porcelain, and specialty stone pieces in various colors to make each of the fish portraits stand out from the surrounding “water” which was made using porcelain in a range of blues, whites, and cream color along with round glass marbles in various colors to simulate bubbles.

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