Jurassic World Isla Nubar at Universal Beijing Resort

2023 | Over 5000 SF, Cast-in-Place / Stamped

2023 DCC Award Winner
Jurassic World Isla Nubar at Universal Beijing Resort, Universal Creative, Orlando, FL
First Place: Cast-in-Place Stamped Concrete, Over 5,000 SF

The prehistoric adventure begins when guests step through the iconic Jurassic World gates at Universal Beijing Resort and proceed into a tropical paradise of craggy mountain peaks, lush rainforests, and majestic waterfalls that cascade into a pristine lagoon. The 113,000 sq ft of textured and imprinted concrete interwoven with natural stone brings the realism of worn dirt and mud at the base of 187,000 sq ft of hand carved rockwork and tree roots. The west side gates open onto one of the park’s most impressive landmarks: a heavily fortified domed enclosure, the Aviary. The cast in place concrete, imitating wooden bridges and natural stone, guide guests through the experience. In the Atrium, guests wind along the serpentine queue towards the land's dark ride where man meets raptor beast. The polished concrete and salt /pepper exposed aggregate surfaces create the perfect balance of form and function. Hidden throughout the land are numerous imprinted and textured concrete details such as dinosaur prints, volcanic rocks, and carved tree roots. The combination of stone, concrete, epoxy resins, acid [1]based staining, metal embeds, and themed painting gives the final effects of prehistorical adventure. Jurassic World guests can take a break from their prehistoric adventures and sit down to a leisurely meal at Hammond’s, an elegant table-service restaurant overlooking the park’s lagoon.

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