​​​​​​​ASU-Interdisciplinary Science and Technology Building 7

2022 | Vertical / Facades, Over 5000 SF

2022 DCC Award Winner
ASU-Interdisciplinary Science and Technology Building 7, Unlimited Designs, Salt Lake City, UT
First Place: Vertical/Facades, Over 5,000 SF

The project was a value selected procurement process that involved pricing and an evaluation of skill level to complete the work, along with the firm's ability to assist with design. Due to the complexity of the project and the fact that the building will serve as a new gateway to the Tempe campus, Unlimited Designs worked closely with the architects and owner to develop project drawings. The building was designed to meet specifications for LEED Gold at a minimum, and many environmental concerns were addressed. The geometry of the panels was designed so that as the sun crossed the sky it would minimize direct sunlight hitting the windows. The project was first modeled in 3d software in coordination with extensive light studies to develop the panel geometry. Due to the critical location of each panel there were minimal tolerances allowed in both the manufacturing and placement of the panels.

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