2021 DCC Award Winner
SoFi Stadium, Trademark Concrete Systems

First Place: Multiple Applications, Over 5,000 SF

The sheer size of this project is unique; nothing this large having ever been developed in the Los Angeles decorative concrete market. As with the over 720,000 SF of decorative paving, everything on this project was on a whole other scale. Trademark truly learned what they were capable of, stretching decorative concrete flatwork placements to 300 CY, a day, back-to-back, while maintaining consistent surface retarder finishes. The stadium roof structure anchors to the ground at three locations around the site, called abutments. At each abutment  is a unique 14'  wall with batters ranging from 11-39 degrees and consisting of  a surface retarder  finish. Most of the vertical elements did not have of a 90-degree vertical face; most walls utilized custom cut foam to achieve custom batters and radiuses. The 6" planter curbs transitioned using foam to an 18" tall battered seatwall while maintaining a surface retarder finish. Every vertical wall on the site had a surface retarder finish, meaning every wall had to be stripped and hand finished to achieve the design teams intent. Trademark detailers spent over 2,400 hours {300 Days) detailing every single site element to support the field with this project. All survey and layout was based off shop drawings. This project pushed our team to new heights and we all really enjoyed the challenge, this once in a lifetime project will be missed.

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