Albukhary International University

2019 | Concrete Artistry, Multiple Applications, Over 5000 SF

2019 DCC Award Winner
Albukhary International University, Bomanite Malaysia

First Place: Concrete Artistry / Over 5000 SF
First Place: Multiple Applications / Over 5000 SF

Multiple finishes were employed to complement and enhance the Moorish Islamic architecture of the buildings, which are interconnected with walkways and driveways.  Fountains in the courtyards are covered with exposed aggregate in black and golden-brown pebbles.  Hostel courtyards were paved with exposed aggregate in varying shades with saw cut and timber grouted joints to form linear details of the geometric pattern.  Walkways are broom brushed with 6-inch wide smooth troweled borders that connect the entire campus. 

When Bomanite Malaysia was commissioned to refurbish the paving, they were presented with an opportunity to resolve a major crisis for the owner.  Turfed areas, linear ponds and a water fountain cum skylight feature sit above an underground parking area.  Poor structural installation and defective waterproofing causes the entire basement car park to flood whenever it rains.  Exposed aggregate and tile work were crazed and cracked – in short, a poor job by another contractor.  The best and most economic solution was to remove and replace the defective installations.  It was a tremendous challenge that required perfectly engineered coordination in close concert with the mechanical/electrical, plumbing and waterproofing trades.

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