The Decorative Concrete Institute Floor

2020 | Polished Concrete, Polished Overlays, Under 5000 SF

2020 DCC Award Winner
The Decorative Concrete Institute Floor, Bob and Lee Ann Harris

First Place: Polished Concrete & Overlays, Under 5,000 SF

As part of a Decorative Concrete Institute polished concrete class, Bob and Lee Ann Harris, and students, replicated floors found in Venice, Italy. In particular, they mimicked the +450-year-old floors in the Basilica De Salute, a place the couple had visited often.

Part of the challenge was condensing a 100-foot-or-so-wide design into a space that could accommodate a 25-foot diameter. Three components comprised the design: an inner circle, a radiating middle, and an outer medallion.

Only two tools were used to score the design: a shop vac to control airborne dust, and a 4-inch hand grinder. The Harrises estimate the basilica reproduction consisted of around 13,000+ individual cuts.

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