Canobie Lake Park – Castaway Island

2020 | Over 5000 SF, Cast-in-Place / Stamped

2020 DCC Award Winner
Canobie Lake Park – Castaway Island, Harrington Bomanite

Cast-In-Place Stamped / Over 5,000 SF

Harrington Bomanite has been involved with renovations at New England’s Canobie Lake Park for the past 30 years. Its most recent endeavor, the Tidal River project, added 45,000 square feet to the 100-year-old Castaway Island. The overall renovation included multiple stamped concrete patterns, and color hardener and colored release agents on the decking, plaza, restrooms, and water areas.

The most challenging aspect involved achieving a drainage system that satisfied environmental concerns while maintaining aesthetics. In the end, 12-inch-wide serpentine drains flanked an 8-foot-wide “meandering brook” made from stamped concrete and colored with an aqua blue color hardener. The installation not only challenged the team’s placing, coloring and stamping expertise, but also its forming abilities.

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