10 West Walnut & AMLI Old Pasadena

2023 | Vertical / Facades, Over 5000 SF

2023 DCC Award Winner
10 West Walnut & AMLI Old Pasadena, Trademark Concrete Systems, Inc., Camarillo, CA
First Place: Vertical & Facades, Over 5,000 SF

The “10 West Walnut & AMLI Old Pasadena” project is an extensive mixed-use development in the heart of Old Pasadena. The project includes an office building and five residential buildings. The two developments share both retail and outdoor spaces that adjoin the complexes. WE provided all the site concrete work consisting of: 55,000 SF of built-up slabs with different decorative colors and finishes, 64,000 SF of built-up sub-slabs for precast pavers & tile paving areas, 500 LF of board form walls, 2,500 LF of curbs, 500 LF of stairs, cast-in-place fireplace & fire pits, along with many more concrete elements throughout the site.

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