Faux Wood Plank Porch

2019 | Cementitious Overlays, Under 5000 SF

2019 DCC Award Winner
Faux Wood Plank Porch, Intricate Concrete

First Place: Cementitious Overlays / Under 5000 SF

This glue-covered, plain gray, front porch was converted into a focal point with less than $500 worth of materials.  The owner gave Intricate Concrete creative license to use a concrete overlayment to simulate a wood plank entry.  Color was critical, making sure it blended with the house and did not take away from the stone or other materials.  A spray texture was hand troweled onto the porch using a pool or funny trowel, using a drag and catch method to create “pockets” of depth.  This was followed with a light broom, then 10mm plastic was drug across the broom finish to lessen the broom definition and make it look more natural.  A 10-foot straight edge was used to help lay out the planks, which were hand-carved with a carbon-tipped tool.

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