Wellesley College Pendleton Hall

2019 | Vertical / Facades, Over 5000 SF

2019 DCC Award Winner
Wellesley College Pendleton Hall, Consigli Construction Co.

First Place: Vertical Facades / Over 5000 SF

This new 10,000 SF addition was designed to unite two existing buildings to make room for visual and musical arts.  The design team wanted to create a building that was timeless and elemental, but also a product of its place, time and purpose.  Exposed concrete walls counter the elegantly cast columns and carved neogothic details of the Jewish Art Center.  Wood grain impressions reflect the nearby forest.  The addition was built to create texture for the custom wall.  Wooden boards were sandblasted and incorporated in an irregular pattern at varied depths.  The overarching challenge was building a complex structure in a very tight space on an active campus.  Another was the execution of consistently colored concrete.  Unpredictable chemical reactions produced color variations in the boards which were locally sourced as part of the effort to meet LEED Silver requirements.  One hundred and sixty constructability, tombstone and in-place mock-ups were created to identify the right concrete color mix.

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