Heavy Duty Truck Repair Shop

2018 | Polished Concrete, Over 5000 SF

2018 DCC Award Winner
Heavy Duty Truck Repair Shop, Royale Concrete

First Place: Polished / Over 5000 SF

A large truck repair shop approached Royale Concrete to polish and lane stripe the floor in a new 23,500 SF building. It was a challenge for the contractor to finish a new floor in a way that could hold up to the heavy demands under which it would be placed, while ensuring it looks good for years to come.

The repair shop owner wanted a space that reflected their high-quality work and attention to detail. Royale’s plan included retaining the tightly troweled surface and refining that to a polish, instead of the more aggressive method of cutting the top and opening the floor up. Cutting the floor would have made it more porous, leaving it exposed to the contaminants associated with a repair facility. This was only an option because the floor was newly poured and did not require any restoration.

Cutting compound aids were used in the initial grinding and refinement, then it was taken to a 800 grit polish. The Royale team used Metzger/McGuire’s joint filler for 4,000 lineal feet of joints. Once polished the floor was striped with an epoxy.

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