ASCC Paving Tool Kit: Your Concrete Paving Resources Library


Welcome to the ASCC Paving Tool Kit. Here, professional concrete contractors can gain access to helpful brochures, guides, case studies and reference charts detailing the design and construction of concrete parking lots. Learn more and browse our extensive selection of concrete paving resources below.

Paving Brochure

This reference guide for concrete parking lots details the benefits of concrete parking lot development, outlines the NRMCA design assistance program and provides reference and comparison illustrations and charts for material thickness. Download the paving brochure now.   

Illuminance PFB1-Understanding Lighting and How LED are Changing the Game

This brochure from the NRMCA discusses how a concrete parking lot decreases energy costs when compared to asphalt surfaces due to its lighter color and surface reflectivity. Learn more.

Shedding Light on Concrete Reflectivity-A Case Study Focusing on the Leavenworth, KS Walmart

This real-world case study focuses on energy savings produced by installation of a concrete parking lot. Read the case study.

Guide to Concrete Overlays of Asphalt Parking Lots

This Guide to the use of concrete overlays over existing asphalt parking lots provided by the National Concrete Pavement Technology Center provides information for decision makers and practitioners about selecting, designing, and constructing successful concrete overlays on existing asphalt parking lot pavements. Read the complete guide. 

FAQs About Concrete Parking Lot Construction and Design

This guide answers frequently-asked questions on reinforcement, jointing and sealing in the development of concrete parking lots. Learn more.

ACI 330.2R-17: Guide for the Design and Construction of Concrete Site Paving for Industrial and Trucking Facilities

Published by the American Concrete Institute (AEI), the ASCC recommends this Guide designed to assist architects/engineers, contractors, and testing agencies with designing, detailing, constructing, repairing, and inspecting site paving. Buy or download the guide

ACI 330R-08: Guide for the Design and Construction of Concrete Parking Lots

ACI 330R-08 includes information on site investigation, thickness determination, design of joints and other details, durability considerations, paving operations, and quality-assurance procedures during construction. Buy or download the guide

ACI Parking Area Quick Reference Sheet

Provided by the American Concrete Institute (ACI), this reference sheet details recommendations for 20-Year design thickness, jointing, best construction practices & more. View the reference sheet

Parking Lot Check List for Pre-Construction Conference

Prior to beginning a parking lot construction project, it is recommended to complete this extensive pre-construction checklist. Download now.

Parking Lot Design Assistance Program

Provided by the National Ready Mixed Concrete Association (NRMCA), this program provides detailed recommendations for specific concrete parking lot design including CAD jointing recommendations along with the opportunity for design consultation.  Click here for more information.


ConcreteTracker is a collection of concrete building and paving case studies assembled by the National Ready Mixed Concrete Association (NRMCA). Building owners, developers, architects, engineers and others interested in seeing a project near them can search the map for information about a concrete building or paving project.  

ConcreteTracker project information is collected from those involved in the project.  In addition to the design professional, project information often includes material suppliers and contractors.  ConcreteTracker also helps owners with multiple locations understand more about the pavements and buildings they own, manage, and/or rent, with the convenience of web-based information.  Learn more.

Click here for instructions on how to enter a project, and click here for the project entry form.

Concrete Promotion provides a wealth of free information for concrete contractors along with planning and design assistance programs and webinars. Learn more.

Concrete Parking

These resources from include additional printable and downloadable brochures on concrete parking and paving subjects.

Advantages to Concrete Parking Lots

This joint presentation from the ASCC, in coordination with the NRMCA, outlines the primary benefits of concrete parking lots and failure points in asphalt parking lots. Download now.