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Show your support and dedication to the future of ASCC and the concrete construction industry by becoming an ASCC Sustaining Member. Sustaining Members pay $3,250 per year in lieu of the regular dues. In addition to benefits received by all ASCC members, Sustaining Members receive:

Plaque: A framed plaque suitable for placing in your lobby or other prominent location.
Member Directory: A prominent listing in the ASCC Member Directory and a FREE, full page black and white ad.
Sponsored Personnel: Each Sustaining Member may designate four Sponsored Personnel in addition to the delegate member to receive all ASCC mailings.
Special Recognition: A prominent listing of Sustaining Members is displayed at all ASCC functions: World of Concrete, the Annual Conference and the Concrete Executive Leadership Forum. Sustaining Member companies receive special ribbons to wear with their name badges.
Education, Research & Development Foundation: In support of the ASCC Foundation, $100 of your first year's dues is allocated to the Foundation to provide scholarships and to fund research to advance the quality and productivity of concrete construction.
Web Listing: The company names and logos of sustaining members rotate on the ASCC Home Page in alphabetical order.

For more information on the ASCC Sustaining Membership category, please call 866-788-ASCC (2722).

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