Contractor Member Benefits


Four Telephone HotlinesFREE to Members – These telephone lines are staffed by experts who can answer your questions.    Ÿ  Concrete Construction       Ÿ  Safety and Insurance     Ÿ  Decorative Concrete       Ÿ  Polished Concrete


Position Statements44 one-page papers cover topics such as “Moisture-Sensitive Floor Coverings on Concrete Slabs”, “Birdbaths”, “Tolerances”, and “Trowel Marks”. The statements are written for architects, engineers and others who need to understand the contractor’s point of view. There are eight Position Statements on decorative concrete topics.


Contractor E-mail ForumContractors submit and answer business and technical questions via e-mail. Invaluable advice from your peers on everything from curling to sealers to time sheets to vehicle use.  A members-only, web-based archive contains all the Q & A from the Forum for easy reference.


Troubleshooting NewsletterQuestions and answers from the Technical Hotline are compiled in this publication. If one contractor is having a problem, chances are that you’ll have to deal with that same problem eventually. Available FREE to members. Currently in set of 38.


Mentoring Program – The ASCC Mentoring Program unites seasoned concrete construction professionals with members of lesser experience in a guided program to share knowledge and experience. Mentees can be any ASCC member seeking to augment their general knowledge of concrete contracting or looking for guidance in a particular area.

Mentor Advisory Board – This group of hand-selected contractors provides advice to members who don’t have the need for a full-time mentor but could use the experience and counsel of a seasoned counterpart.



Networking Annual events, committee meetings, MIX Groups and other special opportunities provide members the occasion to mix and meet not only with other outstanding contractors and suppliers, but with some of the best and brightest in the industry.


MIX GroupsThe Management Information eXchange (MIX) Groups program is a way for owners of concrete construction firms to meet and share best practices without violating antitrust laws. FREE to members.



Safety ManualThis comprehensive manual written by concrete contractors for concrete contractors can be used as your basic safety program. Provided electronically, you can customize and print as needed for your company. First file provided FREE to ASCC members. Extra copies are available on flash drive or downloadable file to members for $25.00 each ($75.00 each for non-members).


Safety ResourcesSee page two for a partial list of safety resources available in the Safety & Risk Management Council section.



Webinars45-minute webinars, offered several times a year, provide members access to speakers and topics from the comfort of their offices. A mix of business and technical topics have included Sealer Issues, Protecting Yourself from Slab Performance Callbacks, Accuracy and Productivity in Estimating, Approaching Business as a Process, and Managing Change Orders. Most webinars are archived on the website for members only..


A Guide to Selecting a Concrete ContractorProvides the small to medium-sized contractor a checklist of items such as references, drawings, safety practices, insurance coverage, etc., that allows potential customers to compare what your company offers with the competition. This simple brochure emphasizes that contractor selection should be determined by pre-planning, experience, quality of work and track record, not just price. One copy FREE to members.


Magazine SubscriptionsFREE subscriptions to Concrete International and Concrete Contractor keep you and key personnel current with concrete construction technology and business issues.


Monthly Newsletter Keeps you current with ASCC activities of value to you and your company. Available electronically.


Member DirectoryThe ASCC Member Directory lists all members of the ASCC by company name, delegate and alternate member names; includes address, telephone and fax numbers, and e-mail addresses.



Member Discounts on Valuable Publications (1st one FREE):

      Contractor’s Guide to Quality Concrete Construction                              Guide for Surface Finish of Concrete Slabs on Ground

      Concrete Finishing Training Flash Drive                                                    Safety Bulletins

      Checklist for the Concrete Pre-Construction Conference                         Insurance Bulletins                                                              

      Checklist for Ordering and Scheduling Ready Mixed Concrete                  


      Discounted Publications Include: Guide for Concrete Slabs That Receive Moisture-Sensitive Flooring Materials, Tolerances for Cast-in-Place Concrete Buildings, Design & Control of Concrete Mixtures, plus many more.


Event DiscountsDiscounts on registration for ASCC events including Concrete Executive Leadership Forum, Annual Conference and World of Concrete activities.


World of Concrete Registration and Seminar DiscountsAs an ASCC member, your exhibit-only registration at the World of Concrete is $25* until January 10th (enter code A20), for a $50 savings off the on-site admission fee. You also receive discounted advance registration for all World of Concrete seminars.


Annual Events

Annual Conference This fall event brings together owners, project foremen and superintendents, estimators, safety directors, and other company managers for seminars, roundtable discussions, demonstrations, and fun.


Concrete Executive Leadership Forum A unique opportunity each summer to exchange ideas, learn new management and leadership techniques and develop friendships with CEOs, owners and managers from the country’s leading concrete construction companies.


World of Concrete ASCC takes advantage of the major concrete event to host its Annual Meeting, a pre-show party, our Decorative Concrete Awards program, and other networking opportunities.



Decorative Concrete CouncilThe DCC educates contractors on the technical and business aspects of decorative concrete contracting. The Council also promotes decorative concrete to designers, owners and other end users.

Ÿ  Demonstrations and seminars at ASCC Annual Conference                  Ÿ    Awards competition

Ÿ  Discounted and FREE decorative publications                                        Ÿ    Community Projects


Concrete Polishing CouncilThe CPC serves as an educational resource for contractors and others in the design and construction industry. Programs include:

Ÿ  Certification                   Ÿ    Specifications                   Ÿ    Educational Programs                Ÿ    Position Statements


Manufacturers’ Advisory CouncilThe board of this Council of associate members advises the ASCC on how the organization can provide the best value to its vendor members. The MAC has a strong voice in all sponsorship decisions that directly affect these companies.


Safety & Risk Management CouncilThis Council educates and provides materials to contractors on all aspects of safety relating to concrete contracting and insurance matters. The Council also provides oversight to ASCC on publications, demonstrations, etc., where we must display safe practices. Benefits include:

Ÿ  Safety / Insurance Hotline

Ÿ  Comprehensive Safety Manual

Ÿ  Safety Management Plan – Produced by the SRMC to help small and medium-sized contractors develop and implement a sound safety program.

Ÿ  Over 45 Job Hazard Analysis Forms

Ÿ  Safety Bulletins – topics to solve daily safety problems. FREE to members. Full sets are available at a discount.

Ÿ  Discounted publications including Toolbox Training (English and Spanish), Employee Safety Handbook, etc.

Ÿ  Awards competition


* Vendor companies eligible to exhibit at The World of Concrete receive a 50 percent discount on their registration fee.                

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