2018 DCC Winners

Skyline New York Offices | 2019 DCC Award Winner | ASCC | Industrial Caulk & Seal

  • First Place: Polished Overlays / Over 5000 SF
  • First Place: Winners 2019

The owner chose to rehabilitate an existing warehouse for their corporate offices.  The largest challenge lay in polished concrete as an afterthought rather than part of the original plan.  The renovation included adding a large mezzanine as second story offices.  

Dairy Block | 2019 DCC Award Winner | ASCC | Colorado Hardscapes

  • First Place: Polished Overlays / Under 5000 SF
  • First Place: Winners 2019

The lobby design for this hotel/office building in downtown Denver called for a dark, matte finish flooring.  Bomanite Modena SL Custom Polishing System in Charcoal was chosen, with grinding stopping at 200 grit, and sealed with a penetrating sealer to provide the matte finish.  

Las Vegas Showgirls Sign | 2019 DCC Award Winner | ASCC | T.B. Penick & Sons

  • First Place: Stained / Under 5000 SF
  • First Place: Winners 2019

The sign features the words “Las Vegas” in color-changing, 12-foot-tall letters and is flanked by two 26-foot-tall showgirls modeled after the girls that accompanied former Mayor Oscar Goodman at public appearances.  Las Vegas Paving brought Penick onto the project due to their extensive knowledge of decorative concrete, asking them to help turn the city’s design-intent into reality, and to do it within the tight deadline of approximately 30 days. 

Wellesley College Pendleton Hall | 2019 DCC Award Winner | ASCC | Consigli Construction Co.

  • First Place: Vertical Facades / Over 5000 SF
  • First Place: Winners 2019

This new 10,000 SF addition was designed to unite two existing buildings to make room for visual and musical arts.  The design team wanted to create a building that was timeless and elemental, but also a product of its place, time and purpose.  Exposed concrete walls counter the elegantly cast columns and carved neogothic details of the Jewish Art Center.  

Harbor View Residence | 2019 DCC Award Winner | ASCC | Modern Concrete

  • First Place: Vertical Facades / Under 5000 SF
  • First Place: Winners 2019

This project called for board form look walls on fire place surrounds and a showcase wall.  The owners wanted a tight seam wood look with minimal variances in the finish; a tough task seeing how all concrete needed to be pumped from the rooftop, a 15-18 foot drop.  

National Veteran’s Memorial and Museum | 2019 DCC Award Winner | ASCC | Baker Concrete Construction

  • First Place: Architectural Cast-in-Place Concrete Structures / Over 5000 SF
  • First Place: Winners 2019

Designed by Allied Works Architect, this unique structure consists of three interwoven concrete rings.  As one moves from the center, three wall arches form concentric ovals that converge and diverge along their vertical plane.  This creates a structure that supports the rooftop sanctuary, while sheltering the exhibits below.  

Fern St. Public Art Project | 2019 DCC Award Winner | ASCC | T.B. Penick & Sons

  • First Place: Project Video
  • First Place: Winners 2019

Building on the City of Cambridge’s continuing mission to create a more playful public realm, the City, along with New York-based artists, created a distinctive public-art project for a shared bicycle/pedestrian path that aims to ease traffic and transform a utilitarian path into a striking public space that integrates play for all ages.  

Anodamine | 2019 DCC Award Winner | ASCC | Sundek of Austin

  • First Place: Decorative Coatings / Over 5000 SF
  • First Place: Winners 2019

To overcome the obstacle of a wood subfloor in poor condition the contractor floated wood decking and installed hard-backer.  They used a four-part system of primer, base coat, Sundek metallics and a urethane sealer for abrasion resistance.  

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