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2017 DCC Winners

Denver Airport South Terminal | 2017 DCC Award Winner | ASCC

First Place: Polished / Under 5000 SF
First Place: Winners 2017

Denver Airport South Terminal | 2017 DCC Award Winner | ASCC

Continuing a two-year tradition of having unique projects win this category, Colorado Hardscapes’ airport expansion is a non-traditional polishing project - - bench seating.

Colorado Hardscapes used mock-ups to test the reverse batter, bull nosed edges, and polished finish. Some benches are straight, while other have radiuses along with electrical boxes and integrated wiring. If that weren’t enough the benches are on an elevated deck surrounded by large glass canopies that created a challenge getting concrete to the work area. Custom made Styrofoam forms and blockouts were used and local suppliers were sourced for the special polishing equipment required to polish the bull nose edges and tops of each bench. The judges appreciated the challenges overcome to create this unique seating.

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