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2017 DCC Winners

Dover Heights & Hype DC | 2017 DCC Award Winner | ASCC

First Place: Overlays – ¼” - 2” / Under 5000 SF
First Place: Winners 2017

Dover Heights & Hype DC | 2017 DCC Award Winner | ASCC

Australia’s polished concrete overlay market still in its infancy, this project called for a huge leap of faith from Sam Crawford Architects and the homeowner. Honestone, however, relishes this kind of challenge.

The project was for the complete remodel of the home’s ground level. The design involved the strip out and realignment of walls to introduce a new layout to the entry, living, kitchen, dining and laundry areas. The look of polished concrete was desired in the kitchen, living and dining room areas, however existing conditions prohibited the use of a traditional polished slab at 3 inches (75mm). Honestone was selected for the thin profile of their product and its concrete look. Careful planning was needed to ensure maximum access for the crew. Some of the substrate required corrective leveling. A rapid cure, high early strength screed enabled Honestone to meet the builder’s tight timeframe. With the ever growing trend for Green Build, the use of natural pebble and marble on this project enhanced compliance.


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