Decorative Concrete Council Advisory Board

The Decorative Concrete Council (DCC) is dedicated to advancing concrete contractors through education and networking. Among the top initiatives for the Advisory Board of the DCC are creating resources and educational materials for decorative concrete contractors, sharing information on best practices and tactics, and providing opportunities to celebrate great decorative concrete work through awards and information sharing.

The Advisory Board is composed of the following individuals.

Council Leadership

Mr. Jeff Eiswerth, Council Director
H & C Decorative Concrete Products
Cleveland, OH 

Ms. Tonia Primavera, Council Director Elect
Arlington, TX

Mr. Chandler Balch, Director
North Texas Bomanite, Inc.

Dallas, TX


Mr. Danny Barrera, Director
Concrete Marketing Crew
Parkland, FL

Mr. Michael Campbell, Director
Trademark Concrete Systems 
Oxnard, CA 

Mr. Rich Cofoid, Director
Odessa, FL


Mr. Dave Edwards, Director
Edwards Concrete Company
Winter Garden, FL


Mr. Brian Farnsworth, Director
ChemSystems Holdings
Ft. Worth, TX

Mr. Gregory Hryniewicz, Director
Hyde Concrete
Pasadena, MD


Mr. Jeff Keyes, Director
Solomon Colors
Denver, CO


Mr. Victor Klemaske, Director
T.B. Penick & Sons, Inc.
San Diego, CA


Mr. Dan Kroesen, Director
Musselman & Hall
Kansas City, MO

Mr. Rick Lobdell, Director
Concrete Mystique Engraving
Nashville, TN


Mr. Brandon Meeks, Director
Birmingham Decorative Concrete
Leeds, AL


Mr. Ryan Olson, Director
Darien, WI


Mr. Ronnie Traballo, Director
Bomanite SE Asia
Olongapo, Philippines


Mr. Jeff Wells, Director
Innovative Chemical Products - APS
Ft. Worth, TX


Ms. Karen Keyes, Past Council Director
The Art of Concrete
Denver, CO 

Ms. Chris Klemaske, Past Council Director

San Diego, CA 


Mr. Neil Roach, Past Council Director
Redimere Surface Solutions
Chrisman, IL 


Mr. Paul Schneider, Past Council Director
Patterned Concrete of Cincinnati 
Fairfield, OH 


Mr. Chris Sullivan
ASCC Staff


Decorative Concrete Council Participation

Learn more about the role of the Decorative Concrete Council in the ASCC and how you can get involved by visiting the Decorative Concrete Council Overview.

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