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Formed Surface Requirements for Waterproofed Walls

ASCC Position Statement #27

For many years, a rough-form finish was the default finish for concrete foundations not exposed to public view. Instructions for producing this finish, found in ACI 301-05, “Specification for Structural Concrete”, were to patch tie holes and defects, chip or rub off fins exceeding 1/2 in. in height, and leave surfaces
with the texture imparted by the forms.” 

When liquid-applied waterproofing coatings were to be applied, some specifications required the smooth-form finish defined in ACI 301-05, which directs contractors to patch tie holes and defects and remove fins exceeding 1/8 in. in height.” As demonstrated in ASCC’s Position Statement 8, “Bugholes in Formed Concrete,” and “Guide for Surface Finish of Formed Concrete,” most bugholes are not surface defects. But two publications dealing with concrete waterproofing and coating products require substrates with a surface smoother than that defined for a smooth-form finish. 

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