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Contractor Value Engineering

ASCC Position Statement #21

Value engineering (VE) is a systematic approach to identifying a project’s functional objectives so that design, construction, and future operations can be optimized. Owners typically authorize and initiate value engineering studies, which are then conducted by a multidisciplinary team with a clearly defined scope.
Quality in the Constructed Project, 2nd ed., published by the American Society of Civil Engineers, contains a chapter that includes a discussion of the concept of value and the benefits of VE. Project value is defined by:

Value ~~ [Function + Performance + Quality]/Cost

Owner requirements are the basis for establishing the project function, performance, quality, and cost. Thus, owner requirements directly affect the relative value of project characteristics such as aesthetics, reliability, sustainable development, maintainability, operability, and construction duration. But, there are costs associated with building aesthetically pleasing structures, ensuring that the structures are durable enough for the intended use, building them faster, or satisfying the other characteristics. VE is one method for achieving a value measure that is acceptable to, and in the best interest of, the owner. Concrete contractors are often invited to participate in value engineering decisions and can make significant contributions to the value the owner receives.

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