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Appearance Requirements for Concrete Slabs

ASCC Position Statement #11

When a concrete slab has special surface appearance requirements, ACI 303.1-97, “Standard Specification for Cast-in-Place Architectural Concrete,” is often cited in the project specification. To comply with this specification, the project must:

  • Construct field mock-up and obtain acceptance; 
  • Maintain and protect field mock-up until final acceptance of all concrete;
  • Provide semimonthly review of concrete placements for acceptance; 
  • Repair areas, when necessary, to match the field mock-up and adjacent surfaces; and
  • Protect accepted architectural concrete until project completion.

When there are no special surface appearance requirements for a concrete slab, ACI 301-99, “Specifications for Structural Concrete,” is often cited in the project specifications. This specification requires that a trowel finish surface be smooth and free of trowel marks (see “Trowel Marks on Concrete Floors,” ASCC Position Statement #4, Concrete International, April 2003). ACI 301-99 requires no field mock-up, no periodic acceptance,
and no repair criteria.

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